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Be part of the #1 Residential Course in Georgia without the costs of owning a home

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The Residence Club at Cuscowilla (RCAC) is a member owned, private residence club. The RCAC operates as a non-profit Corporation that owns 5 stunning 3-bedroom villas with a formula of 17 members per villa.  All RCAC villas are located in the Cuscowilla Lake Village, 3 are lakefront, 2 are a short walk from the lake near the 9th hole.  Each villa controls 4 golf memberships.
The RCAC enables lake house ownership and golf club membership without the high expense of a second home.  Members can reserve single or multiple bedrooms or single or multiple villas.  While “in-residence”, RCAC members have full golf and club privileges for their families and guests.  Golf play does require the RCAC member to accompany the group.  The RCAC has boat docks just outside the back door allowing perfect access to Lake Oconee’s 19,000 acres of great fishing, boating and lake fun.
Full Cuscowilla club amenities:  Golf, Practice Range, Tennis, 2 Swimming Pools, all restaurants and club facilities.
A National Golf Membership is a special “add-on” non-residence golf membership available only to RCAC Members. The National Golf Membership provides full golf privileges with preferred initiation fees and dues such that RCAC members can play golf and participate in club tournaments whether “in-residence” or not.
Each RCAC member starts the year with 9,000 points.  Reserving a villa requires 300 points for weeknights and 750 points for Fri or Sat night.  Individual bedrooms require 100 points or 250 points for weekend nights.  A member is allowed to have two reservations on the books at any one time (points permitting).  A new reservation can be made once a member checks-in. Each reservation must be a minimum of two days if staying during the weekend.  Reservations can be booked on-line where members have full visibility to villa occupancy.  If a villa is open 7 days in advance, a member can reserve it without consuming points on a “Space Available” reservation.  Typically, members can occupy 15-25 nights per year.  A cleaning fee is required at the end of each stay to prepare the villa for the next member.  A 10% points surcharge is applied during the summer period.
When a member has used all 9,000 points in a calendar year, he/she can use “Space Available” reservations or purchase more points from another member.
The RCAC requires an “equity” buy-in (currently $25,000) that covers the member’s fractional ownership in the Residence Club villas and interior assets.  Dues are typically $5,000-$5,500/year and adjusted annually based on operating expenses and golf club dues.  A cleaning fee is required at the end of each stay, currently $110/villa.  When playing golf, all members and RCAC guests play free as full member.  Cart fees apply the same for all Cuscowilla members, RCAC or otherwise.
The RCAC is designed to allow the resigning member to recoup 80% of the current equity buy-in price when he/she resigns.  There are 3 resignation options: 1) A member places his/her name on a resignation “wait-list” and as new members join, resigning members are removed from the wait list in sequential order.  2) A member can “find your own buyer” and sell your membership to a prospective new member who must be approved by the club.  20% of the current equity price is due at time of transfer or membership sale.  3) A member can resign and forfeit his/her equity.
The RCAC has a “No Smoking and No Pets” policy in respect of health needs of all members.
Check-in time 4PM; Check-out 11:00AM
The RCAC typically closes Masters week to generate rental income for villa upgrades; if all villas are not rented, we re-open for member use.
If you have any questions about memberships or wish to join the RCAC please contact Chuck Little at 706-319-6913 or Maddie Atkinson at 706-923-2472 or complete the “Contact Us” form.  For more information on Cuscowilla, visit


 The use of the Club Villas is subject to advance reservations on a first come, first service basis.  In order to create parity in advance reservations, each member will receive an equal number of Priority Points to be used in reserving time.  Each villa, or multiple villas, may be reserved in its entirety including the master suite and main living area or as components; the two bedroom main living area or the lock-out master separately.  These components are each given a point allocation for use which may be changed from time to time based on historical demand and as determined by the Board of Directors. (see schedule below)
Reservations may be up to one year in advance provided that dues are current for the year in which reservations are made.
A departure cleaning fee (currently $100 for a full villa, $80 for the main unit and $40 for the lock out suite) is charged for each stay regardless of duration.
For the comfort of all Members and to minimize special maintenance, smoking and/or pets are not permitted in the Club Villas at any time.


The Waterside Restaurant overlooking the beautiful Lake Oconee provides our members the ultimate golf experience from their private bar and lounge to the fitness center.   The Pro Shop provides our members a complete line of the latest golf fashions for women and men.  
Members with guest not covered by the individual membership (i.e., guest in the main living area when only that portion is reserved) may play for the member’s guest rate.
Members not in residence, who do not have any other category of golf membership, may make tee times fourteen days in advance and play for the member guest rate.

TENNIS – Court times may be reserved through the club manager.  The courts are a part of the Lake Club which is available to all property owners and guest.   Use and reservations will be in accordance with posted guidelines.
POOL(S) – The pools at the Lake Village and the Swimming Pool are available to all members, property owners, and guests.
OTHER - Other amenities, services, events and recreational options may be made available from time to time which may or may not require reservations and/or surcharges.


By Accommodations Type

Complete Villa 300 Points/Day 750 Points/Day
Two Bedroom Area 200 Points/Day 500 Points/Day
Master Suite 100 Points/Day 250 Points/Day

By Demand

Summer (Mid-June to Mid-August)     10% Surcharge
Masters Week    10% Surcharge
Holidays      10% Surcharge
Space Available
Reservations made seven days or less in advance do not require Priority Points to utilize regardless of demand.
Space available reservations are available for member use only.  A Member must be in residence during any apace available bookings.
Only one Club Villa per Membership may be occupied on a space available basis.
Member Priority Point Allocation
Each member shall receive 9,000 Priority Points per year.  Priority Points may only be used for the year issued.

If you have any questions about memberships or wish to join Cuscowilla on Lake Oconee, please contact Chuck Little at 706-319-6913 or Maddie Atkinson at 706-923-2472.